Girl’s hockey faces defeat against Edina

Hopkins\Park undergoes blowout 10-0 loss to Hornets


Racquel Fhima

Sophomore Sarah Mccallon fights for the puck against Edina defender. Girls hockey plays Wayzata at 3 p.m. Feb 6 at the Minnetonka A arena.

Racquel Fhima and Samantha Klepfer

Facing the Edina Hornets last night, Hopkins\Park girls’ hockey was defeated 10-0. Senior Katie Frederickson said she thought her team was confronted with several difficulties throughout the game.

“We faced a lot of team problems. We had no energy on the bench which really transferred onto the ice, we weren’t like happy to be there and it really wasn’t that fun to play,” Frederickson said. “I think part of the reason is because it’s finals week and everyone is really stressed, but that’s not an excuse.”

According to Frederickson, Hopkins-Park had a hard time manuevering the puck around on ice and Edina jumped on this weakness.

“We also had a hard time moving the puck around because they have a lot of Division I commits, basically the whole team. We had a hard time moving the puck which is one of our biggest strengths usually and so when they took that away they took away our whole game and we basically had to play as individuals not as a team which was really problematic,” Frederickson said.

Frederickson said the team’s positivity slowly dwindled as Edina scored more, which she thought contributed to the girls’ lack of strength.

“We had trouble staying focused on the bench and in the locker room. Everyone sort of gave up at the end which was really hard. We weren’t fighting through even though we were getting crushed it’s not an excuse to not finish to game strong,” Frederickson said.

Coach Chris Erickson said the team played well in the first period, but failed to carry this over throughout the rest of the game.

“First period we played really well and we hung with them and shots were even and then second period, they completely outplayed us and we stopped moving, some of our girls didn’t really seem to have much desire or heart,” Erickson said.

Erickson said he and the other coaches were discouraged by the game and intend to practice harder to make up for this loss.

“We could have played them a lot tighter and we could’ve worked a lot harder in the second and third period,” Erickson said, “To give up nine goals in two periods does not sit well with us coaches, and there was a lot of breakdowns but it was more or less the attitude. I don’t think we came out in the second period ready to play.”

Hopkins-Park plays next at 3 p.m. Jan. 27 at Minnetonka A Arena against the Wayzata Trojans.