Joy of the People travels to Spain

Players compete internationally


Used with permission by Nick Riley

Senior Lioul Minas and Junior Nick Riley face off during a soccer practice during their time in Barcelona.

Maria Perez-Barriga

Artistic director Theodore Kroeten said soccer club Joy of the People was invited to represent the United States to the World Futsal Cup tournament in Spain. They competed against teams from different countries around the world.

Kroeten said Joy of the People was one of the top three teams who received an invitation to represent the United States for the global tournament in Spain.

“We play a game called Futsal, which the players have been playing since they were very little,” Kroeten said. “They go to tournaments every year, and at the national tournaments they finished second one year and third the next. The top three teams were invited to travel to this world tournament in Spain representing the United States”

Junior Nick Riley said he had an extraordinary experience in Barcelona and playing against other countries in the soccer tournament was something he enjoyed tremendously.

“I think the trip was definitely my favorite that I have ever been on. Barcelona is my favorite city in the world. It was really beautiful and I thought the soccer tournament was a great experience,” Riley said. “We played against other countries like Spain, Brazil and Australia.”

Kroeten stated that the U19 Joy of the People team played against other teams that were very experienced Futsal players who practice all day.

“It was a very great experience at the U19 level. We were playing against professionals who do this full time so they finished third in the suburb division after going through all the playoffs and everything,” Kroeten said.

Junior Andrew Kniser said he had an enjoyable time on the trip in Spain.

“I thought it was pretty good trip, and I had a really good experience,” Kniser said.