Senior verbally commits to Division 3 tennis program

Susanna Hu to play tennis for UW-La Crosse


During the 2018-2019 tennis season, senior Susanna Hu returns a serve at a home match. Hu verbally committed to play Division 3 tennis at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse in February.

Sofia Seewald

After visiting University of Wisconsin La Crosse in early February, senior Susanna Hu said she decided to commit to play tennis for the college, as she felt La Crosse’s atmosphere was the perfect fit for her.

“I knew I wanted to continue to play tennis at a Division 3 college, and the Midwest seemed best suited for me,” Hu said. “I also liked the idea of not staying in Minnesota but not going too far away.”

Tennis co-captain Junior Racquel Fhima said Hu has improved immensely since the first time they played tennis together.

“The first season when (Hu) got pneumonia everybody was so scared because she was really good, but she was like nothing compared to how she plays today. She has improved so much over the years,” Fhima said.

According to coach David Breitenbucher, Hu has been an asset to the Park team through her dedication and hard work.

“Susi is kind of infectious. She has been on our program for a while, and for the last few years she has always come with a good attitude, and she always plays hard in practice,” Breitenbucher said. “You get a couple players working hard like Susi, and it seems like everyone is working hard.”

After spending her whole high school career on the Park tennis team, Hu said she has come to cherish the sport even more.

“Being on the Park team has been super positive for me throughout (my) four years of playing,” Hu said. “It kind of just created that team-oriented group for me that I really liked a lot, and the tennis environment and the game itself I have always enjoyed.”

According to Fhima, Hu’s ability to enjoy tennis while still staying competitive is something she admires.

“Susi’s most amazing quality would be whenever she misses a ball she laughs, and it shows me that tennis can still be really fun and competitive. I think that’s really important, and I hope she takes that with her,” Fhima said.

Hu said she can’t wait to see what UW-La Crosse has to offer and is excited to be a part of a new community.

“I’m looking forward to being on my own and getting away from my hometown,” Hu said. “Also with being part of the tennis team, I’m excited to have another group and a support system, and a new family.”

Breitenbucher said he hopes Hu continues to further develop her tennis skills in college, and continues to appreciate the sport.

“Sometimes in college you’ve got all these other pressures in life, and I think when you get out on the tennis court it’s relaxing,” Breitenbucher said. “So my best advice (to Hu would be) to go out and have fun, relax and play tennis, and I think it will help her be a well-rounded student.”