Girls’ swimming sprinter commits

Senior to swim Division II at Minnesota State University-Mankato

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Girls’ swimming sprinter commits

Used with permission by Sara Anderson

Used with permission by Sara Anderson

Used with permission by Sara Anderson

Katie Hardie

After searching for a school that could cater to both her career and athletic interests, senior athlete Sara Anderson decided Minnesota State University at Mankato would be the best fit for her.

“The main thing I was looking for when I started my college search was a good nursing program,” Anderson said. “I knew that I wanted to swim in college, so after I researched the academics and swimming program for a bit, I thought it would be a really great fit for me in both my studies and swimming.”

In terms of being a part of a new team, Anderson said she planned to apply her assets in specific ways.

“In terms of athletic skill set, I’m planning on swimming backstroke and mid-distance freestyle for the team, and hopefully contribute to the team by scoring well in those events,” Anderson said. “Aside from the actual swimming part, I think I’ll be a good teammate in terms of encouragement, support and leadership.”

According to Anderson, swimming for Mankato State University (MSU) will be beneficial for her academic performance.

“I think being around (the team) in a positive hard working environment will translate well into my academic studies,” Anderson said. “From what I’ve heard from the team, the athletes tend to have good relationships with their professors, because of the constant need to communicate and figure out an academic plan that accommodates for swim meets and practices.”

Anderson’s swimming coach Amanda Forsberg expressed her admiration for Anderson’s journey to getting to this point in her athletic career.

“(Anderson) has put in a lot of time and effort to get where she is today,” Forsberg said. “She had to overcome back surgery her junior year, and I know she swam through a lot of pain this year with her back toward the end of the season. She ended up having another surgery right after the season ended, but she never used that as an excuse to give up.”

Forsberg also shared how much Anderson’s absence will affect the team.

“Sara was a great asset to the team. She was motivated and pushed those around her to do better. She was one of our top sprinters and it will be difficult to fill her spots on the relays next year,” Forsberg said.

Sara was a great asset to the team. She was motivated and pushed those around her to do better. ”

— Amanda Forsberg, coach

Fellow girls’ varsity swimmer, senior Claudia Stone said she is very excited for Anderson’s commitment to swim in college.

“I think she’ll do awesome there. She’ll do really well, especially because she’s been a sprinter for the St. Louis Park team (while on varsity), and that’s what they’re going to try to have her do on their team,” Stone said.

When asked about the future, Anderson said swimming will always be a part of her life, even after the experience of swimming competitively for college.  

“I plan on swimming for the rest of my life,” Anderson said. “Swimming is a sport that you can do for your entire life, even in old age. But for now I want to focus on my college swimming career, which I think will be an amazing experience.”

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