Four ultimate players selected to play on Minnesota All-Star team

Athletes compete at U.S. Bank Stadium


Carissa Prestholdt

Senior Amelia Ryan reaches to catch the disc during the game against Edina Nov. 30. Marta Hill, Amelia Ryan, Lauren Schmelzler and Danny Shope played on the Minnesota All-Star team at U.S. Bank Stadium.

Adin Zweigbaum and Sadie Yarosh

Members from the Park ultimate program were chosen to play on the Minnesota All Star Team against Edina Dec. 1 at U.S. Bank Stadium. Senior Amelia Ryan said the atmosphere was very different than regular season games.

“I had an amazing experience playing at U.S. Bank Stadium,” Ryan said. “(Normally) our games are played on grass fields with not too many people watching. (Today) we had the boys and girls teams playing side by side on actual turf with around 225 fans in the stadium.”

Minnesota All Star coach Seija Stratton explained the event was focused on showing off youth ultimate skills and the location of U.S. Bank stadium helped grow attention.

“(The event was) trying to showcase youth ultimate to the community,” Stratton said. “Doing it in an elite stadium brings a lot of publicity and awareness so that’s really fun.”

According to sophomore Danny Shope, he thought playing at the stadium was a great experience and the fans helped contribute to increase the energy. 

“I think (the energy) was a lot higher than it usually was, especially with all the fans,” Shope said. “I just think it was really awesome to be able to play (at U.S. Bank Stadium).”

Ryan said the game started off shaky after the players became comfortable playing with one another they began to succeed.

“It was hard at first getting to know how the other players played, but overall

 we adapted and all played really well together,” Ryan said. “All the other girls on the Minnesota All Star team were very supportive and encouraging and were such talented players.”

According to Stratton, the team played well and the players expressed lots of spirit. 

“It was awesome. We completely exceeded expectations, everyone was just so energized and pumped up,” Stratton said.