Sports apparel prices lead to student doubt

Athletes weigh costs, benefits of representing their teams


Emmy Pearson

Juniors Eastyn Samoy and Max Wyatt wear their baseball and hockey apparel March 13. Apparel items for sports have been priced high recently, causing athletes to turn away from purchasing sports apparel.

Adam Gips and Tenzin Gyaldatsang

Recently, student athletes have had to contemplate whether to buy overpriced apparel to show support for their teams. Sophomore Danny Shope said sports apparel is beneficial for team bonding, but is sometimes overpriced.

“One of the main objectives of sports apparel is to unify the team, and if the prices are really high, it makes it difficult for everyone to be able to get the apparel, so it kind of defeats the purpose,” Shope said. 

Cross country head coach Chris Nordstrom said having an assortment of apparel options has helped find a balance for the team’s needs.

“We’ve really tried to have a variety of options with a variety of price points because we know everybody’s in a different spot financially, so we try to meet the needs of everybody,” Nordstrom said.

Shope said the pricing of apparel doesn’t affect him too greatly, but limits him on how much he can purchase. 

“I do care about the price, and that definitely affects how much apparel I buy, but I would probably buy it either way,” Shope said.

Senior David Klein said he is willing to purchase sports apparel, as it holds personal value and also helps fund activities.

“In general, I’m usually willing to pay the premium because for the most part, it’s just going to support the program,” Klein said. “It can be pricey, but if you want to rep the merch, you kind of have to spend a little more.”

Nordstrom said affordability is a significant element for students who want to purchase certain merchandise.

“We go to a company and they’re able to show us some things. They already have prices set for stuff, and then we try to come up with the best options for stuff that’s maybe a little cheaper that will allow everyone to be able to afford stuff,” Nordstrom said. “But also having some higher options or some different items that students may want to get.”

Klein said it’s important for individuals within a program to wear the apparel because it shows pride.

“I’m very proud to be a part of all three teams, so if I am wearing my Nordic shirt or my cross country shirt, it’s all just to say I’m part of the program,” Klein said.