Park ties Chanhassen 3-3 in final conference game

Park bounces back from two early goals


Ava Ashby

Junior Jovan Dennison goes to kick the ball Oct. 8. Park tied 3-3 against Chanhassen.

Sam Listiak and Henry Harper

Coming into the game, junior Nick Kent knew the team was not in the right mindset to start and this caused the boys to let up two goals right away. Kent said this was a weak point the team needs to work on along with finishing.

“We need to come out stronger, we can’t let up two goals right away like we did today. If we get scored on twice like that in sections, it’ll be a lot harder to come back from,” Kent said. “We also have to be able to score more, we have to capitalize on our opportunities given.”

Assistant coach Pat Hartman said the team’s rocky start was a big factor in the tie, as well as its inability to close out the game.

“We started the game poorly and went down 2-0, but then we adjusted well and got the lead,” Hartman said. “We didn’t close out the match real well, we made a lot of mistakes right at the end of the game.”

Junior Danny Lainsbury said the biggest problem the team faced was creating opportunities to score and giving up the early goals at the start. 

“Scoring on chances definitely could’ve gone better, but we played pretty good overall,” Lainsbury said. “We let in some goals we shouldn’t have (at the start).”

This will be a good learning experience for us, if we get scored on like that at sections it’ll be a lot harder to come back. We will definitely learn from this game.”

— Nick Kent

Kent said this game gave the team insight for what the team will need to work on. He said since this is the final game of the regular season, it is important to reflect on and practice its mistakes.

“This will be a good learning experience for us, if we get scored on like that at sections it’ll be a lot harder to come back,” Kent said. “We will definitely learn from this game.”

According to Lainsbury, while it was unfortunate the team didn’t get the win, the game was a realization for the team that they have more work to do before Sections.

“It would have been better to win, because this was the last game [before] Sections,” Lainsbury said. “This game wasn’t so much a momentum swing, it was more of a wake up call.”

 Hartman said he hoped Park could have come out of the tough game victorious.

“It was 0-0 last time. [Chanhassen] plays really hard, so we knew it’d be physical,” Hartman said. “We knew it’d be close, but we were hoping for a win.”

Park is scheduled to play sections on Oct. 14, but the team and time hasn’t been decided.