Boys’ tennis season comes to an end

Park loses to Blake 7-0 in Sections match



Junior Robert Perelman serves a ball to score in his match May 21. Park lost to Blake in their last game of the season 7-0.

Henry Harper

After many matches and practices, the boys tennis team played its last match May 21. Junior James Vournakis said the team played to its strengths, regardless of the outcome.

“It was our last match and we knew we were playing some of the best kids in the state. Even though we technically lost badly, we played to our ability and I’m proud of us for that,” Vournakis said.

Junior Marcus Hosfield said there was very little the team could do to pull off the game. Hosfield said tennis isn’t a sport of many upsets, and the better team almost always wins.

“We put in a lot of effort today. Even though the scoreboard doesn’t show that, we did. I’m happy with how we all played regardless,” Hosfield said.

Head coach David Breitenbucher said he’s proud of his team’s performance, and the match was excellent practice for the team that prepared them for the next level of tennis.

“Blake is a really, really, good tennis team and we knew that coming into it. I’m not mad by any means at how we played at all, they’re some of the best in the state and it showed the guys what the next level is,” Breitenbucher said. “If anything, I feel this was a really good experience and it helped the guys a lot.”

With the season now over for boys’ tennis, Vournakis said the team had a great season overall, and he’s never been on a team that improved so much in one season.

“We’re a pretty new team with a good amount of new players. This year I saw all of them try their best to get as good as they could and I feel it showed. I’m super proud and happy of how this season went overall,” Vournakis said.

Hosfield said he felt very accomplished over the season, and believes many of his teammates feel the same way.

“At the end of the day tennis is an individual sport. Without the time and practice you put in on your own, you won’t see the results you want. With all that being said, I feel like this year’s team put in the work and it showed,” Hosfield said.

Breitenbucher said regardless of the game’s outcome they ended in a good place. He added as a coach, he’s happier with the players’ strive and dedication than anything else.

“We ended at the seven seed, which is really good for Park. We’re playing teams way bigger than us so seventh is actually really good. But as a coach, the standings aren’t what I’m most proud of,” Breitenbucher said. “Through this whole season I’m the most proud of the players’ attitudes. All of them come to every practice with a smile, work their butts off to get better and do it everyday.”

Vournakis said with tennis now over, his plans for the summer remain the same, to practice and get ready for next year.

“The season for tennis is very short. We only get seven weeks to come play for the team, if we don’t practice regularly we won’t be able to compete for next year. Through these next few months I know I’ll be practicing a lot and I’m sure I can speak for others when I say they will as well,” Vournakis said.

This year I saw all of them try their best to get as good as they could and I feel it showed. I’m super proud and happy of how this season went overall.”

— James Vournakis

Hosfield said he will also be working on his game a lot for next year. He adds since the team is so young they have an advantage for next year as the chemistry is already there.

“No question we’ll all be practicing over the summer. It’s actually pretty nice because we didn’t have many seniors at all so we’ll just keep playing together and hopefully we can come together a lot stronger next year,” Hosfield said.

Brietenbucher said he’s going to encourage all the players to play during the offseason.

“During this next offseason we need the guys to be hitting a lot. Tennis has a really short season, so without the time and effort put in over summer, there’s really limited growth the guys can make. With that being said I know the guys will organize together and play a bunch as they’re all really into the game,” Breitenbucher said.