Meet the Athlete: Nick Kent


Ayelet Prottas

Senior captain Nick Kent assesses the play during the game Oct. 5. Park lost 3-2 to Orono.

Char Priadka

When did you first begin playing sports?

I’d probably say I started around three or four years old, just playing with my family. I started on an organized soccer team when I was seven.

How did you get interested in, or decide to go out for the football team?

They just asked me. One day I saw the football coach in the lunchroom and he called me over and asked if I was interested in football. I told him I played soccer and he invited me to come kick for the team. I started to go to practices over the summer and stuck with it from there.

How do you manage both practices, along with academics and social life?

It’s been a decent amount of time management, but I’m usually busy with soccer anyway, so I’m used to it. I wouldn’t say it’s been that hard, since I don’t go to football everyday, so I have time for soccer, hanging out with friends and homework.

How have both seasons been going so far?

They’ve both been going well. Our team lost our first soccer game against Wayzata, but we haven’t lost since. I think the team has been getting better since our first game. Same with football, we lost our first game, but we’ve won ever since, so both teams have just improved since the start of the season.

What motivates you when you want to quit?

Just the memories that I make while playing — there are things I’ll probably remember for the rest of my life. I’ve met a ton of people over my years of playing sports, so I’ll always enjoy that aspect of playing.

What’s been the most challenging part of participating in both sports?

There’s a decent amount of pressure kicking for the football game because everybody is watching and have their own expectations for me. For soccer, there hasn’t been too many. Things like disagreements between coaches and teammates are just things that happen, but it’s been going pretty well this year.

What’s the most important thing you’ve gotten out of this experience?

Probably just the lessons I’ve learned from both sports. I’ve learned so many new things from football that aren’t even about football, but just playing sports in general. I’ve learned a lot playing soccer too. Leadership skills, how to work as a team and things like that I’ve learned while playing both sports.