Crush Ultimate plays exhibition during halftime

Club raises awareness for up and coming sport


Michael Hoikka

Junior Micah Davis looks for a teammate to pass the frisbee to Oct. 1. The Ultimate team held an exhibition game to promote the sport.

Aisha Hersi and Johanna Kaplan

In an opportunity to showcase its sport, the Crush Ultimate Frisbee team held an exhibition during halftime of the Oct. 2 football game against Orono. According to junior captain Molly Horstman-Olson, the focus was to demonstrate the game and pique the interest of students in the crowd. 

“It was a great way to bring awareness and show people what ultimate is and just get more interest and information out there,” Horstman-Olson said. 

Junior Micah Davis said he anticipated an energetic crowd to bring recognition to the sport. 

“I hoped for a loud crowd and just to have some fun on the field,” Davis said. 

It’s just such a great community, and it’s really welcoming. Everyone’s willing to help out, teach you, go play with you on the weekend and help you get better.

— Molly Horstman-Olson

According to junior Isaiah Klepfer, a friendly environment on the team is a key factor in enjoying a sport. Klepfer said participating in the exhibition was a no-brainer considering the welcoming community at Park. 

“I chose to be here tonight because I find ultimate very fun and the community we have is very enjoyable,” Klepfer said. 

Horstman-Olson said she encourages students to join Ultimate, due to its outstanding camaraderie and emphasis on teamwork. 

“It’s just such a great community, and it’s really welcoming,” Horstman-Olson said. “Everyone’s willing to help out, teach you, go play with you on the weekend and help you get better.”

For Davis, promoting the game to potential recruits was an important part of the exhibition. 

“I came here tonight because I wanted people to get excited about ultimate frisbee and how cool of a sport it is,” Davis said. 

In regards to raising awareness for the sport, head coach Spencer Hagen said igniting interest in the crowd came easy due to the Crush Ultimate community’s involvement. 

“We had a lot of players show up which was just enough for what I was hoping for,” Hagen said. “To get out there and show everybody how exciting ultimate is.” 

If you are interested in joining Orange Crush Ultimate, check out it’s Instagram accounts, @girls_crush_ultimate and @oc_ultimate.