Meet the Athlete: Mae Turman


Used with permission by Mae Turman

Char Priadka

When did you first start swimming?


I’ve been swimming ever since I was a baby, but I started competitively swimming last year.


What about swimming are you most passionate about?


Swimming is something that I’ve always done, I’ve never not swam. It’s difficult but fun because you can make so many connections with people.


What is your favorite heat/event to swim?


The 100 breaststroke is my best event.


How has this season gone for you and your team?


Winning wise, we haven’t done so great. Team wise, we’ve been doing pretty well. We’ve really gotten closer as friends as well as teammates.


What were some of your favorite memories from swimming?


The team sleepover we had was really fun. There were some funny things that happened, so it definitely became my favorite memory.


What is your main motivator when you feel off your game?


I really want to letter in swimming. Telling myself that if I keep working hard then maybe I’ll letter, is my main motivator.


Do you have any goals for your swim career? 


In highschool, I want to letter and really push myself in the 100 breaststroke.