Meet the Athlete: Ella Wasvick

Char Priadka

How long have you been doing gymnastics?

This is my third year on the high school team, but I started when I was younger. I think around two years old. I did it for a bit when I was a little kid, but I started again freshman year.


What is your favorite event?

Over time as you get more skills, you’ll learn to like an event more than the rest. The events where you don’t have as many skills aren’t as fun. My favorite event is probably floor but the one I’m best at is beam.


What do you do to get over a mental block on new skills?

It’s important to have the people that are around you support you —They’re usually cheering you on. I don’t focus on falling when doing the skill; I just try to focus on going for it. 


What has been your biggest accomplishment?

My biggest accomplishment is my dismount on beam. I was able to do it around day two, but it was definitely a struggle. It was hard to perfect without any spotting or special mats. It’s definitely not perfect, but I try to do it again and again. Having people around me to support me made me feel better about going for it. 


What drives you to keep pushing yourself?

The love for the sport is a big part of my motivation. I always want to get more skills down and learn new things. It’s just a lot of fun for me. 


What do you do to avoid injury and take care of yourself?

Icing is a big one. If you ever fall or anything like that, you have to ice. Otherwise, it’s gonna get worse no matter what. Going to the trainer regularly is important too. 


How does the relationship with your team help you perform as a gymnast?

You definitely have to talk to people because it’s a very scary sport. I’d say my first year on the team, I didn’t talk much at the beginning of the season. That’s not something you should do and I make sure to talk to people no matter what, even if I don’t know them. 


What are your goals for the future?

Currently, I am working on a back handspring on floor. My goal for beam is to get down my tumbling pass. On bars, I’m working on my fly away sole circle dismount. For vault, I am working on my front handspring and just getting more comfortable. In the long run, I’m not sure. A few people on the team are more passionate and may have bigger goals in the future.  For me, gymnastics is about having fun. I love learning new things and connecting with people.