Synchro gears up for state

Dress rehearsal prepares team


Nina Miller

Park synchro team preforms its routine on May 17 at dress rehearsal. The team will compete at state starting May 26.

Abby Meisler and Nina Miller

After the synchro team completed its dress rehearsal in preparation for postseason competition, sophomore Mae Turman said the team felt content with its performance.

“The sections dress rehearsal went well, despite some technical difficulties. Everybody swam pretty well and suit changes were speedy, so that was good,” Turman said.

The dress rehearsal May 17 was a way for the athletes to prepare for its upcoming meets more intensely, according to coach Carolyn Guddal.

“The show was a chance to let the swimmers rehearse for sections and state upcoming. It’s also a chance for us to be like ‘okay, what are the pieces of the puzzle that we can really focus on and make the biggest impact in the next practices before sections.’” Guddal said.

Sophomore Katherine Velez said she is reflecting on her season so far, and working on personal challenges.

“The thing I would improve on is counting in my head. So I can stay on count with everyone else and make sure I’m pointing my feet the whole time,” Velez said. 

Another common challenge for the swimmers is their facial expressions, according to Turman. 

“Expressions (are) easier said than done. Smiling is a very difficult thing to do when you’re doing something very hard,” Turman said.

When it comes to coaching the team, Guddal focuses not only on conditioning, but also on executing the show.

“When we come into our routines now, we have the conditioning, we have the life skills it takes to execute really well. At the end of the season it is the chance to turn on the performance aspects and make sure that we are, you know, ready for anything,” Guddal said.

Sections will take place  May 26 at 8:30 a.m. at the University of Minnesota pool.