Scrubs and sales

Girls’ lacrosse fundraiser sells car wash tickets


Eliah Fink

Junior Rylie Unangst, along with sophomores Ruby Fadell and Carina Otos, hands out car wash passes Dec 20. The girls’ lacrosse team is holding a car wash fundraiser this week.

Alicia Mainjeni

To kickoff the season, the girls’ lacrosse team wanted to start off on a positive note. Due to the lack of turf practice space and team apparel expenses in previous years, this year the girls’ lacrosse team is selling car wash coupon books to fundraise their off-season practices.

Senior captain Shaydi Falcon said the money raised through the fundraiser will impact athletes on the lacrosse team.

“We are doing the fundraiser so we can hopefully get apparel for all of the girls without them having to pay,” Falcon said. “We want to get extra equipment for us during the lacrosse season.”

Junior captain Rylie Unangst said the fundraiser is motivated by the team’s collective goal of having space for captains practice.

“Last year, we didn’t have turf space, and it made it difficult because we weren’t allowed to throw the balls in our previous space,” Unangst said. “We’re all motivated to have a space this year to work on our skills before we start the season. That common goal is raised together.”

According to head varsity coach, Kate Pearson, the funds will impact the team and help to provide an inclusive space for all players.

“We want to be as inclusive as possible. If players don’t want to pay for anything outside of the sports fee, we want to be able to provide as much as we can without having them pay for it,” Pearson said. “A lot of our fundraising is so that every player has the ability to participate in all of the events  without feeling like they have to pay an extra amount.”

Falcon said the fundraiser will impact the area the team is granted to use for the captains’ practices.

“We are getting dome time for captains’ practices. Last year and previous years it’s been in a gym,” Falcon said. “We are now able to do drills granted we actually have the drill time.”

Pearson said the fundraiser is important for not only funding, but also for growth in the number of new players.

“They’re doing a really nice job, and we’re always looking for more players to join the lacrosse team, because it’s a lot of fun and the girls have a good time,” Pearson said. “We’re trying to grow not only our sport, but commoderate throughout St. Louis Park.”

The fundraiser runs from Dec. 20 to Jan. 20. Reach out to any girls’ lacrosse players or captains for more information on how to donate.