Park turns North Shore south

Girls’ hockey pulls off 2-1 win


Lily Fandel-Thompson

Junior Camryn Witham skates towards the puck Jan. 21. Hopkins/Park girls hockey defeated North Shore 2-1.

Katie Nelson and Abby Bartleson

After tying 1-1 going into the third period, Girls’ hockey pulled off a 2-1 victory against North Shore Jan. 21. For head coach Ryan St. Martin, the third period comeback was a highlight of the game for the team. 

“Overall, we had a good, consistent game. In the second period, we could have had a bit more energy, but we definitely came back in the third and that was a plus for us. It was a challenge at times but we came through,” St. Martin said. 

Despite the win, which takes the Orioles to a 9-11 record, junior Camryn Witham believes it could have been a greater margin of victory. 

“The game went okay and I’m happy that we won, but I think they could have been playing better. I don’t think it should have been as close as it was,” Witham said. 

For sophomore Rowan Jansen, the team needs to work on consistency for its upcoming games. 

“We definitely need to work on putting in all our energy during every period because sometimes we fall short,” Jansen said. “We should have started off a little bit stronger, our second period wasn’t great and we were playing sloppy.” 

A lack of energy throughout the whole game is a skill that Witham said she also believes can be improved upon. 

“We need to be playing three periods instead of only two. We started getting tired during the second period which prevented us from getting more goals,” Witham said. 

Going forward, St. Martin said he hopes to focus on individual ability to elevate the team’s performance. 

“We try to internally get better every day with either our confidence, skill, or knowledge of what we’re doing, as well as having good relationships. When we try to get individually better, as a collective (that) helps us out,” St. Martin said. 

Park faces off against North St.Paul/Tartan at 7 p.m. Jan. 24 at the Minnetonka Ice Arena.