Meet The Athlete: Tommy Kniser

Senior plans to play soccer for University of St. Thomas

Halima Bigirindavyi

How did you start playing soccer and what was your journey like?

I started playing soccer when I was like four or five years old, and I got into it because my older brother was playing. I’ve played club up until now, for my whole life, and then I played high school a little bit my freshman and sophomore year. 


How do you manage your time with soccer, school and other activities?

I tried to just get my schoolwork done during the day so that frees up time, but it hasn’t really been too much of a challenge for me. But sometimes it can get tricky.


What or who has been your motivation?

Probably my mom because she worked really hard. She inspires me to work hard and I want to make her proud.


How does it feel going to play at a D1 level for St. Thomas?

It’s really exciting. I’m a bit nervous for next season, but I’m looking forward to it and it should be fun.


Going into playing soccer for St. Thomas university, what are some goals that you want to accomplish? 

My goal will be to live in a relatively new program. So my goal is to just try to help the program grow as much as possible in the time that I’m there, try to win the conference as much as possible and just overall, just try to help the team.


What are some highlights of playing soccer?

My freshman (and) sophomore year high school season was really fun, especially my freshman year, I got to play with my brother so that was really fun.


What has been your routine for soccer?

Right now with the team that I’m on, we train Monday through Friday. That’s how it’s been for the past two years. I used to just go to training and then come home, eat food and go to sleep.


What has Park taught you through playing soccer and other school activities?

I would say the community aspect of it. Our school isn’t super small, but the soccer community isn’t that huge. 


What would be your advice to students who want to play D1 level?

I would say just try to play as much as possible and try to play at the highest level you can play against people that are better than you, and reach out to schools and just be consistent with it.