Homecoming football game results in success

Team proved desired result attainable

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Homecoming football game results in success

Ivy Kaplan

As the final buzzer went off, fans rushed out of the stands in support of the football team’s Homecoming victory for the first time in six years.

The varsity football team won its Homecoming game against Richfield Sept. 12 with a final score of 50-13. This not only secured the team its first win of the season, but also pulled off the first win for Park at a Homecoming game in since 2008.

Varsity head coach Ben Wolfe said he thinks the team succeeded as a result of all of the different areas and positions working well together.

“I think overall the game went well. Obviously we got the result we wanted to, going 1-0 for the week, but it was nice to see contributions from all different phases,” Wolfe said. “We had some different players running and throwing the ball, good offensive plays, good special teams plays and our defense stepped up as well so overall it was a good game put together.”

Senior Asha Jeite attended the game and said the experience brought on a sense of pride.

“It was awesome. It was like a feeling of power, you know, because everybody every other year has lost, and it’s like ‘Yes, our year finally won!’,” Jeite said. “It was a really good feeling.”

Jeite also said she enjoyed seeing the school come together to show their support for the team, even if this support was slightly overwhelming at times.

“It was loud and it was kind of tiring because nobody would sit down, but it was fun to be apart of because you see the whole entire 2015 class come together. It was a cool experience.”

Wolfe said he thinks Richfield proved to be an appropriate challenge for the team, but in the end Park won because of multiple distinct factors.

“Richfield has been a classic rivalry for us and they gave us a good game,” he said. “They played well the first half. I think we just pulled away for different reasons of athleticism and depth, so they were really good competition.”

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