Cross country team votes for 2018 captains

Athletes running for captain describe the process and what it takes to be a good captain


Ella Hammerstrand

Cross country captains for next year's 2018 season pose for a photo together. From left to right are sophomore Carissa Prestholdt, junior Cece Schmelzle, sophomore Kaia Myers, junior Creston Halstead and sophomore Carter Rost.

As the cross country season ends, captain Kaia Myers said a good captain must be able to be on top of their work and have exceptional  communication skills.

“You need to be very organized. Running in the summer is very important so that is something the captains have to organize before the coaches are legally allowed to work with the runners,” Myers said. “You also should have good communication skills so that the entire team known what’s going on.”

According to assistant coach Jill Kraemer, runners should be very enthusiastic about the sport and be very organized.

“I believe what makes a good (cross country) captain is someone who is very enthusiastic about the sport is a initiator they plan things,” Kraemer said. “ (A captain) leads by example so they are a support system to the younger runners, as well as all of the other teammates.”    

Captain Carter Rost said in order to become a captain you have to have good motivation and teamwork skills.

“(Captains) have to be a good leader and be able to be a leader for other kids,” Rost said.

According to Myers, only runners becoming juniors or seniors were allowed to become candidates for captain.

“So everybody who’s eligible is going to be either a junior or a senior. They put in a letter, and then they were put on the ballot,” Myers said. “The team votes for them, and the coaches also have some say.”

Kraemer said the process of becoming a captain worked from writing a letter to the voting.

“They apply and write a letter that outlines the qualities they have,” Kraemer said. “In the past we would get those letters the coaches would review them and then they would write a ballot and then the girls would vote for the girls and the boys for the boys.”

According to Creston Halstead next years captains will be Carter Rost, Creston Halstead, Kaia Myers, Carissa Prestholdt And Cece Schmelzle.