Girls’ volleyball wins first match of the season

Team wins to Minneapolis Washburn


Rachel Salzer

Sophomore Hannah Howell serves the ball to opponent during first match against Minneapolis Washburn on August 23. They won 3-0.

Rachel Salzer and Sophie Olmen

According to girls’ volleyball head coach Whitney Meierotto-Simon, winning the first match of the season in three straight sets was great for the team.

“I think we did awesome,” Meierotto-Simon said. “Just to start the season winning 3-0, that’s pretty huge especially since we’re so young. We have freshman, sophomores and we’re just young so it was really great to see them come out and compete at a high level tonight.”

Senior Captain Maddy McIntosh said the team prepared for the match by spending time together in the team room.

“Before each game our team goes into our team room and we blast music and sing and dance to get any nerves out and get pumped up before the game,” McIntosh said.

Meierotto-Simon said the team practiced situations to prepare for the first match.

“We’ve been doing a lot of competitive drills in practice,” Meierotto-Simon said. “We can do drills all the time but no drill can really replicate what happens in a game because there’s so many variables, so just trying to get all these young girls in game-like situations all the time in practice I think it has been very helpful.”

According to sophomore Kendall Coley, the team had a good match considering it was the first of the season.

“I think it went very well for us especially for our first game. I think I adjusted to a new level of play,” Coley said.

McIntosh said the team will focus on practicing certain skill sets to prepare for their next match.

“We are going to focus on cleaning up our serve receive and defense, just making it harder for teams to score on us,” McIntosh said. “We are also going to work on getting our middles as involved in our offense.”

According to, girls’ volleyball will play against Irondale at 7 p.m. Aug. 28 at St. Louis Park High School.