Football team wins big at Homecoming game

Victory boosts the team’s momentum


Carissa Prestholdt

Junior Jacob Brown tackles Richfield player during the first quarter of the St. Louis Park homecoming game.

Maddie Schutte and Kate Schneider

After a successful Homecoming, the football team is ready and motivated to turn their season around and keep winning games, according to head coach Ben Wolfe.

After losing to Bloomington Cooper and Holy Angels, Park beat Richfield on September 21 with a final score of 41-14.

According to head coach Ben Wolfe, the team had not worked on anything specific for this game, but everything came together, leading to the win.

“We tried to improve on some things from the other games that we were not doing very well on and focus on doing some of the things we do well,” Wolfe said. “That opportunity came in the game, we had some good matchups and we were able to execute well.”

Wolfe said the players were very motivated going into the game because it was Homecoming, which was a big part of them winning.

“The team had a great attitude for the game and I think they were prepared to do well. It was a combination of all the work they’ve put in and it all coming together at the right time,” Wolfe said.

According to sophomore McCabe Dvorak, all the fans cheering helped keep the players motivated throughout the game.

“The fans for sure help us. When we aren’t doing so well the fans can be a huge part of momentum and energy and get us pumped up so we can perform at a high level,” Dvorak said.

According to Wolfe, winning this game will help motivate players, but in order to win more games they have to keep working hard.

“I think winning helps as long as we stay true to the process and continue to get better. It will give a little bit of confidence, some proof that some of the things they’re doing are going to work,” Wolfe said.

The next game is at 7 p.m. Oct. 5th at Orono High School.