Football prepares for last regular season game

The team works to do well in sections


Lucy ZumBrunnen

Junior Sajid Nathim avoids defender on opposing team, during the second to last home game of the season against Irondale. Their next game will take place at 7pm on Oct. 17 at the high school stadium.

Kate Schneider and Maddie Schutte

After defeating Irondale last Friday, assistant coach Jason Foster said the trust the football team has in each other will help them to do well during the DeLaSalle game and sections.

“We won the last game against Irondale, and you can see a big trust factor starting to play a big part in that. I think next week starting in sections if we can continue on that trend, we can do well,” Foster said.

According to Foster, the skill level between Park and DeLaSalle is even and the team has a good chance at winning senior night, as long as they remember their training and put their best effort forwards.

“I think we compare well with (DeLaSalle) if we can stick together and trust one another on offense, defense and special teams, we can do really well against this team,” Foster said. “We’ve been studying film got the game plans set for the game tomorrow and hopefully we can produce here at home on senior night.”

Junior Jack Townsend said playing well against harder teams this season and staying persistent will contribute to the team playing well in the DeLaSalle game.

“We’ve kept up with some really good teams, and we just need to focus on doing our job and playing through all four quarters.” Townsend said. “I think we just have to play our game and play through without taking a play off.”

Foster said the coaching staff has worked to give high levels of encouragement during halftime and throughout the game.

“We give great encouragement, before the games the kids are pretty focused on the task at hand,” Foster said. “During halftime, regardless of what the score is at that time, we know we have to play for a full 48 minutes and the 28 minutes before that is just a microscope of what we’ve got to do to finish out the second half.”

Townsend said the team needs to stick together and stay focused on their plays to do well in the DeLaSalle game.

“We focus on one play at a time and never get down on each other. We walk through plays and go through what we have to do as a team.” Townsend said.

The last regular game of the season against DeLaSalle will be at 7 p.m. Oct 17 at the  stadium.