Girls’ tennis loses Sections in shutout against Washburn

The team faces a defeat of 0-7


Ryan Barnett

Senior Victoria Contreras hits a volley at the Sections game against Washburn. Park lost 0-7 against the Millers.

Talia Lissauer

Although they did not get the ending they were hoping for, junior Selee Olmen said the tennis team came out strong, both mentally and physically.

“We went into (Sections) with really positive mind-sets and good attitudes about the match,“ Olmen said. “Washburn has a lot of talent so we didn’t come out with the outcome we wanted to.”

According to senior Victoria Contreras, the team did its best at Sections and has developed a lot since the first match.

“I felt like we played hard, we tried our best. I’m sad that we didn’t win but we put in a pretty good effort,” Contreras said. “I think we really improved over the season, looking back at our first match. We improved a lot and I’m really proud of how we performed throughout the entire season.”

Olmen said the weather has affected season, especially when it comes to the amount of matches played in a short period of time. The team was also caught off guard when they had to move Sections indoors at the last minute.

“I felt like we played hard, we tried our best. I’m sad that we didn’t win but we put in a pretty good effort.” ”

— Victoria Contreras, senior

“I think some of the girls struggled because the last few weeks we have been playing a lot of matches and we had to play indoors,” Olmen said. “For the past two weeks we have been playing outdoors, and it’s been super windy during our matches, and then to be playing inside in a bright non-windy dome was a lot different for us.”

Contreras said there were a lot of positives that came out of the match, like the amount of talking between doubles partners, but some doubles lacked competitiveness.

“Some strengths were communication, I think we really communicated well and had good ball placement,”Contreras said. “Some weaknesses doubles had (was) not being as aggressive as we should be.”

Coaches Abby Rose and Christine Tvrdik were unavailable for comment.