Boys’ soccer defeats Bloomington Jefferson 4-0

Team looks to improve on settling into the game


Ava Ashby

Junior Joseph McGurgan goes to kick the ball Sept. 15. Park won 4-0 against Bloomington Jefferson

Emmy Pearson

With Park’s previous 3-0 win this season against Bloomington Jefferson, junior Danny Lainsbury said that he felt confident in the team’s ability to win, but stayed focused and didn’t assume they would get the victory. 

“We’re the better team and we have to win, so we can’t come playing like they’re not good. We have to come out playing like they are and then take care of our business,” Lainsbury said.

According to assistant coach Pat Hartman, the start of the game could’ve been stronger, however, the team came together in the end to get the win.

“At the beginning of the game, we were a little flat-footed, we didn’t come out real well. We got lucky, we got a couple of penalties to make us go up 2-0,” Hartman said. “But, once we got into it, things got a lot better.”

Senior Eli Seehof said that the team’s defense lacked some stability, but hopes to see that improve through better coordination and communication on the field.

“Our defense was a little bit shaky, but it’s all just communication. We can definitely improve on that,” Seehof said.

Hartman said that he liked seeing the team’s practice skills be put into play on the field by junior Mason Boesche.

“He had a really nice goal. He came in and got what we call a garbage goal, where he gets the loose ball in the box, and that’s always nice to see,” Hartman said.

Lainsbury, seeing room for improvement, aims to start off the next game with as much strength as he saw toward the end of today’s match.

“Starting better, not starting flat-footed, and coming out ready to play. That’s probably our biggest thing,” Lainsbury said.

The next match for the boys’ soccer team is 5 p.m. Sept. 17 at Chanhassen High School against Chanhassen.