Girls’ soccer ties Bloomington Kennedy

Park’s lack of connection affects confidence


Jane Pupeza

Junior captain Alma Beaton dribbles the ball passed the Bloomington Kennedy defender. Park tied to Kennedy 0-0.

Ava Ashby

After tying with Bloomington Kennedy for the second time this year, head coach Benjy Kent said he wants to keep the team’s spirit high to win the final conference games.

“We are still hopeful that we will have one of these remaining games go well for us,” Kent said. “If it does, that’s great. But, if not we’ve played a lot of close games and I think we need to be proud of that.”

Senior captain Alanna Franklin said the team was feeling good going into the game.

“We were really excited, we had a lot of energy and high hopes going into the game,” Franklin said.

Senior Katie Casey said the game didn’t start off as planned, however, the team became stronger towards the end.  

“At the beginning, we didn’t start off as strong as we wanted to. But, as we got accustomed to the game we started making better passes, and we started connecting better,” Casey said.

According to Kent, since the team didn’t practice on grass, it was difficult for them to have good control of the ball. 

“We struggled with being on grass again, we haven’t played on grass since our very first game and we didn’t train on grass which is probably a mistake on my part,” Kent said. “So that threw us off a little bit.”

Franklin said the team’s new positioning was hard for them to adjust at first, but eventually, they got used to it. 

“We were trying out a new formation and that was a little bit odd for us. But overall, we turned it around in the second half and we started attacking better,” Franklin said.

According to Casey, the team could improve on their connection as a team so they can have better teamwork.

“Every single player on the team needs to be confident in each other and themselves so we can trust that we are where we are supposed to be and do a good job throughout the game,” Casey said.

The next game will be 7 p.m. Oct. 6 against Robbinsdale Cooper at Robbinsdale Cooper High School.