Girls’ soccer dominated by Benilde

Park loses 6-1 to Benilde-St. Margaret’s


Cole Denham

Junior Anna Turcotte kicks the ball out of Park’s goal box Sept. 15. Park lost the game 6-1 to Benilde.

Ari Lissauer

After the game Sept. 15, head coach Anne Beaton said the team had a good game but couldn’t keep it going the entire time.

“It was like a game of two halves,” Beaton said. “Our first half was going great, but it started to fall apart during the second half.”

Junior Hanna Wilsey said the team needs to do a better job being positive and selfless, but did a good job at clearing corner kicks.

“We need to start supporting our teammates and playing for each other, not individually,” Wilsey said. “We did a good job clearing corner kicks out of our zone today.”

Sophomore Ameilia Beach said the team could continue supporting each other to be more successful.

“One of the biggest things we can do is just stay focused and make sure that we’re getting back for each other,” Beach said. “We can’t give up in the game, which is part of focus and giving each other more than just one option.”

Beach also said one sign of hope for the future was the optimistic first half of their game.

“I think the first half was definitely a bright spot. We were doing exactly what we needed to do by  supporting each other and we weren’t just playing for ourselves, we were finally starting to play for each other, Beach said. “The first half shows what we are capable of doing so I’m hopeful for the future”.

Beaton also said they could work on playing with 100% effort through the whole game, but was very satisfied with the first half.

“It’s just a matter of having more endurance and being able to sustain that effort all the way through the end of the game,” Beaton said. “We need to keep working for each other like we did in the first half.”

Park is set for their next soccer game at 5 p.m. Sept. 21 at Waconia High School.