Meet the athlete: Violet Huber

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Meet the athlete: Violet Huber

Sam Crary

Sport: Tennis
How long have you been playing tennis?
I’ve been playing for five years now, since I was in fifth grade.

What do you like about playing tennis?
I love how it is a very competitive and fast-paced sport. I also love bonding with all my friends on the team.

Do you participate in any offseason tennis practices to improve your game?
I play for the Minikahda Club in summer, and I play for Lifetime Fitness in the winter and spring.

Do you play doubles?
I play both doubles and singles, but just doubles for varsity.

How do you work with your teammates?
I try to communicate while I’m playing and in between points so my teammates and I can stay on the same page.

How do you feel about being on varsity as a freshman?
I feel proud that all the work I’ve done has paid off. Sometimes it can be a little scary since I am one of the younger girls and haven’t had as much experience with this type of competition.

What role does tennis play in your life?
It plays a pretty big role. It’s the only sport I play, so I’m pretty focused on it. It keeps me fit and is a fun hobby.

How has tennis helped you since you started playing?
Tennis has helped me grow by making me dependent on myself, especially with playing singles. I’m the only one there and it’s a mental game. You need to be mentally tough in order to succeed.

Do you have any goals for tennis after high school?
I haven’t thought that far ahead yet but I for sure can see it playing a role in my life in the future. I’ll for sure be playing at least just
for fun.

What are you looking forward to this season?
I am looking forward to seeing how we fill in the spots that were left and I am hoping we can place top three in our conference and have a winning season.

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