Meet the Athlete: Mohamed Mohamed


Maria Perez Barriga

How long have you been playing soccer?

Since I was five.

What do you like about playing soccer?

The feeling you get when you win and the energy that you get toward your teammates.

What position do you usually play?

I play attacking midfielder. 

What has been the biggest highlight of the season?

I would say my goal against Hopkins the first game of (this) season. It was my first high school goal so it was pretty great. 

Who is your role model in your soccer career and why?

I would say Cristiano Ronaldo or my dad because I just get a different feeling watching them play than any other feeling I have ever gotten.

What do you want to improve in?

I would say get a little bit stronger, because there have been a couple of times where (being) physical has been a challenge for me. 

How has the season been going so far?

The season has been going great. We won our first Section game (Oct. 10) 6-1 against Cooper. We have lost one game against Washburn and tied one game against Benilde, but we haven’t lost any other game. It’s a great feeling to win. It happened last year, too.

What has been the hardest part of this season?

The hardest part of the season (is) when the team’s spirit gets down and when everyone gets mad at each other on the field. We (are) working on that and it’s going great. 

Do you have a favorite memory while playing soccer?

This summer I was playing in the USA CUP and we won. It was pretty great. We played against a lot of teams from Jamaica and Panama and we won the (silver U18) league (of the USA CUP).