Meet the Athlete: Abby Meyer


Shaydi Falcon

Senior Abby Meyer listens to coach during practice. Meyer committed to playing both hockey and lacrosse at Lake Forest college, a Division III school in Illinois.

Maria Perez Barriga

What do you like the most about playing hockey and lacrosse?

I just love it. I don’t know how to explain it, I just really like it. It’s fun. It’s kind of the same as hockey. It’s just fun to be out there. Fun to be moving around and getting work in. I really love being on a team and being able to meet other girls and talk to them and create friendships through that. 

How long have you played hockey and lacrosse?

(For hockey) this is my 10th year (playing). I think coming up on eight years now, probably when I was nine or 10 (is when I started playing lacrosse). 

Why did you decide to play hockey?

My dad never got the chance to play when he was a kid but he started playing in a hockey league for older men and that kind of got me into it. 

What position do you play in hockey and lacrosse?

I’m the defensemen. Midfield (in lacrosse).

What are you looking forward to the most this season for hockey?

I just committed to playing college. I am just excited to get back on the ice and to get ready for that coming up. I am also happy to see my teammates and hang out with them.

What is your favorite memory related to hockey?

We went on a Duluth trip as a team last year and that was really fun. We stayed in the hotel overnight and we got to walk around and play. 

Is there any role model you look up to?

Jonathan Toews, he is a NHL player. He’s always my favorite player and I’ve always looked up to him and how he plays hockey.

How is it like committing for both hockey and lacrosse for college?

It’s a D3 college, so it’s not as big of a thing as D1, but I’ve definitely had work out for me. I just couldn’t see myself going to college and just having to drop one of my sports. It’s a great added bonus that they are having both sports and I can play both. 

What do you look forward to in the future when you play both sports?

I’m excited to see how much I can develop and I can improve. I’m not looking to go pro or anything or play after college. I might maybe go into coaching; that would be really fun, but I’m just really excited to get into college and meet new people. 

Any advice for someone who would like to play hockey or lacrosse?

Just put yourself out there like nobody is going to judge for anything. It’s highschool; everybody’s at different levels, so it really doesn’t matter if you are not as good or bad as anyone else on the team.