Meet The Athlete: Stayci Spates

Used with permission from Stayci Spates.

Used with permission from Stayci Spates.

Jaida Puentes

How long have you been playing basketball for?

I started playing on a team in kindergarten. I started playing on a rec league, and that was fun.

What do you like most about playing basketball?

I like playing with other people, I like that it’s a team sport. I like making plays and seeing my teammates score. I love playing with other people, that’s my favorite part.

Why did you decide to play basketball?

My dad played in high school and was really good, and my mom played too. So I thought I would be good too. I kept playing and still am.

What is your favorite basketball memory?

My favorite basketball memory is the first game I was able to play after I tore my ACL.

When things get hard what motivates you to keep going?

My mother, she has been very helpful, and motivated me during the past five year. I have wanted to quit multiple times because I have had two knee injuries but my mom kept me going, because basketball is something I genuinely love to do.

How does your team support each other?

Since we’re not at school and are at home sitting on computers all day the captains will make sure to send a text saying things like make sure your getting enough sleep and staying hydrated and things like that to remind us to take care of ourselves.

What are your future visons with basketball ?

I am hoping it can get me a scholarship, I don’t want to go to a big school, I want to go to a HBCU so I can play college basketball and be able to study law. I don’t really want to go to the WNBA because I don’t think they get paid enough, I also think I can’t play basketball forever because of my ACL.