Meet The Athlete: Sihirah Reese


Used with permission from Sihirah Reese.

Johanna Kaplan

How long have you been doing track and field?

I’ve been running track and field since fifth grade.

What does track and field involve besides running? 

It tests a lot of the abilities you have — so speed, strength, mental strength, emotional strength. It tests flexibility. Track is a little bit of every sport in one. 

What is your favorite thing about it?

My favorite thing about track is that you meet so many people, people that you wouldn’t normally hang out with and track brings everybody together. It’s outside, it’s fun, it has competitive feelings to it as well and it’s just an all around fun sport. 

How does it feel to have ranked in state for high jump? 

I love it, it’s like a feeling of accomplishment because I work so hard at it, and along with all of my other events, and just being able to work that hard and seeing that the work is paying off.

Do you have a track and field role model?

I have certain role models for certain events, but an overall role model of mine would be Allyson Felix.

How do you motivate yourself when you get tired?

This is kind of silly but when I get tired, especially during a race, I just think of running faster — the faster that I run, the faster I can get it over with, and then once I’m done running, I can not be tired anymore — so just run faster, get it over with and then I won’t be tired.

What’s your advice to those who are starting out?

My advice would be: I know it seems like it’s hard and it’s something that you’re not going to be able to do but stick with it, because once you start something new, it’s always hard at the beginning, and track and field will be a sport that you’ll eventually fall in love with, and it just brings everybody together, so just stick with it and try and push through.