Julian Johnson competes in Super Smash Bros

Senior participates in tournaments around state

Harris Keekley, Writer

What made you want to start participating in Super Smash Bros tournaments?

I was really good at it for no reason without practicing, so I decided to try it out. Since I was already really good at it, I felt like it was natural and just got better at the game over time.

How far do you go to participate in the tournaments and what place do you usually get?

Usually not too far, the longest I drive is like 30 minutes away. There was one time that there was an event in St. Cloud that had a prize pool of 700 dollars and so I drove about an hour out for that — I usually place second or third depending on the size.

How do you prepare for these tournaments?

I play the game a lot in my free time to improve but I don’t really do anything special to prepare for the tournaments.

What is your favorite part about the tournaments?

The money, I am usually good enough to earn at least a little bit of a profit and it’s a lot of fun.

What do you enjoy about Smash Bros?

It’s super unique, I can play the same game over and over and still enjoy it just as much. It’s also very rewarding to get better and watch myself become a better player overall. I also enjoy the competitive aspect of it.