Athletic passions continue despite COVID-19 pandemic

Track and field cancelations affect running routine


Ayelet Prottas

Sophomore Henry Nelson runs in the Metro West conference championships. Nelson finished the 5 kilometer race with a time of 19:16.

Henry Nelson

As the COVID-19 virus spread throughout the world, I was immediately concerned about my track and field season and if it was still going to take place.

Throughout the school year, I had been looking forward to this year’s season. I had previously joined the Nordic skiing team, in order to prepare and become fit for the track season. When the Park district announcements around COVID-19 were first released, I knew that all spring sports had the potential to be canceled as well. This was saddening, because I had prepared for the season all year. I felt like all of the athletic work was for nothing.

Both after-school athletics and clubs were canceled indefinitely for the 2020 spring semester, according to the Echo and in a district wide phone blast.

I like to have a schedule and know what is going to happen in my day, but with everything that has happened in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, I have not been able to stick to a concrete schedule. My days have become a lot more confusing and out of order, which has resulted in not having a set time for when I am supposed to run.

According to Runners World, runners tend to remain active in their athletic routine in order to maintain balance, despite being surrounded by a hectic environment or issues. This research is more apparent than ever during this time, because I now notice the impact a routine can have with how you feel and how your mood can shift.

Even with the disappointing announcement from the government, school and my track season being canceled, I decided to continue running so I can remain conditioned and be ready for whenever we are able to be together as a team.

The adjusted routine I have made for running has shown me that a positive state of mind can truly make a difference on one’s outlook, which I am trying to have throughout quarantine. 

In addition to my own running schedule I have made, both the track captains and coaches have been trying to keep everyone positive throughout this situation. The Park cross country and track Instagram pages currently upload workouts and runs to do every day of the week for distance runners, sprinters and other athletes on the team.

These resources that the coaches and captains have made available give me hope that the season has not truly ended. We still are a team, despite being separated.

This pandemic can reassure all runners and athletes both in Park and professionally that it still is possible to continue what they love the most. Working hard and staying active, even though there has been a pause. 

While right now is a time to be cautious and remain healthy, the pause on my track season will all be worth it for when the time comes to begin the next school running season.