Synchro prepares for a successful season

Swimmers, coaches look forward to team bonding


Carissa Prestholdt

Sophomore Tjessa Arradondo, junior Lily Kulevsky and senior Alyssa Crump condition for the season. Synchro's next meet will be held at 4:30 p.m. April 3 at Park against Prior lake and Blake high schools.

Carissa Prestholdt

According to freshman Maya Lee, creating relationships with her teammates is crucial to having a rewarding year.

“I want to do more team bonding activities, (and) I want to do some sleepovers with my team,” said Lee. “Because we are going to be writing our own routines, we will be able to spend more time together.”

Senior captain Savannah Kjaer said when the team works together on the same task, they achieve their goals.

“Everyone is doing their part, those are our most successful years. Having everyone being focused and giving their best every day,” said Kjaer.

Lee said she hopes to work with her team to push herself and accomplish individual, as well as team, goals.

“I want to place at State with my team and in small routines. I also want to place first at sections, that is my goal,” said Lee.

According to head coach Linda Gust, if the team reaches the same goals they met last year, they will have a successful season.

“We won all of our meets last year, we won our section and we had great swims at state. If we can do all of that again this year, that seems pretty awesome,” said Gust.

Kjaer said the team works towards success at the final meets of the season throughout the year.

“Normally we focus a lot on our end meets, sections and state. Having our best swims and our best performances there and continually improving towards that, and working towards that every single day,” said Kjaer.

Gust said spending time with the swimmers at practice and meets motivates her to continue coaching.

”I always look forward to working with the girls. That’s the main reason I am still doing this is because I really enjoy this environment, I really enjoy synchronized swimming and how much they enjoy it,” said Gust.

According to Lee, she joined synchro because it matched her skills and interests.

“I have been doing swimming, but it wasn’t the right fit for me, and I needed to find a new sport to do, and it was probably the best that fit my abilities,” said Lee.

According to Gust, the athletes learn life skills as well as swimming skills.

“Our goals stay about the same every year, it’s really more about improvements that the girls make, providing opportunities besides increasing their athletic skills around synchronized swimming,” Gust said. “Our philosophy is around life skills, so being better leaders, problem solving, time management, all of those kinds of things that you can take with you wherever you go.

Kjaer said this year holds special importance as it will be her senior year.

“Because this is my senior year, just having a great year with all the girls on the team, making a lot of fun memories before I am done swimming with them,” said Kjaer.

According to the synchro team has their first meet at 4:30 p.m. April 3 at Park against Prior Lake and Blake high schools.