Girls’ track looks to improve after meet

Second competition of season held


Noah Deetz

Sophomore Stephanie Perez ran the 200 meter sprint event at SLP on April 26th.

According to girls’ track junior captain Olivia Mosby, the team is still adjusting to the track as a result of too few outdoor practices and a young team.

“Everyone is kind of getting back into the groove, and we have a lot of new runners this year,” Mosby said. “It’s fun to see everyone doing so well so early in the season even with so little experience.”

According to coach Kelly Snyder, the team did well for their second meet this season. However, she said there is still room to improve.

“The kids need to get some really essential training underneath them like cardiovascular training and some skills in specific events, especially for field events,” Snyder said.

Snyder said, after the meet April 26, the team plans to continue getting ready for future meets with different types of training on different days.

“We will take it a little easier and recover from the meet. We have had a pretty hard week because we have been able to get outside again this week, so we have been able to turn it up a little this week, so we will generally do a short sprint day and a recovery day and my group the vaulters will be doing a recovering day,” Snyder said.

According to sophomore Molly Miller, the differences between the gym and outdoor track limits the team’s ability to prepare for meets.

“In the gym, we don’t have as much room to run and practice, and it’s just harder because the gym floor is hard but the track is more bouncy,” Miller said.

According to Mosby, there are still many things to prepare for and improve, especially as a team.

“I think we can definitely get more time on the track. I think that would help us a lot and I think our team unity is very good for how early in the season it is,” Mosby said. “I think we can do more things together like prep workouts. It’s a very divided sport because everyone is doing their own stuff, but when we are on the track I feel like it will be more cohesive.”

According to Miller, the coaches have canceled multiple meets without plans for a rescheduled competition, and by the April 26 meet, some events had not yet competed this season.

Park’s girls’ track team’s next meet will be 4 p.m. May 8 at Robbinsdale Cooper High School against Robbinsdale Cooper and Chanhassen.