Girls’ lacrosse beats Holy Angels

Team moves forward to second Sections game

Hayley Westwood and Sophie Olmen

According to assistant coach Lauren Bruun-Bryant, the effort the team gave was solid and it showed during the 10-7 win against Holy Angels.

“They listened to the coaching that was being given to them and they also executed passes. We have solely been working on passes for a while and it’s finally paying off at the end of the season,” Bruun-Bryant said.

Junior Grace Lynch said the team worked well together and everyone added to the win May 30.

“I’m proud of our ability to work as a team. We all were able to contribute equally and work cohesively as a team better than we have all year,” Lynch said.

According to freshman Erin Brousseau the team has grown closer as the season progressed.

“I think we have started to use each other more and trust each other and make good passes. Instead like before we played more individually,” Brousseau said.

Bruun-Bryant said the team’s work at practice has paid off during the game.

“I think they did really well, they tried as hard as they possibly could and I think that they made a solid effort and it showed,” Bruun-Bryant said.

Brousseau said the communication was good and lead to a better game.

“I think that the team played good, we communicated well to make good passes and to score,” Brousseau said.

According to Lynch, the team has improved throughout the season by having more experience playing with each other.

“I think we started off the season not really knowing how our teammates play but now at this point we have figured out what everyone’s strengths are,” Lynch said. “We able to use that to our advantage so we can own and be proud of our games.”

Girls’ lacrosse will advance in section and the team’s next game is 5 p.m. June 1 at Prior Lake High School.

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