Softball soars through sections

Park defeats Armstrong in softball sectional


Alex Geretz

Sophomore Ella Nguyen prepares to hit the ball in sections against Armstrong. Park ended up winning 10-6.

Park softball conquered Armstrong Tuesday. May 31, with a final score of 10-6 in the fifth section game.

Coach Alan Wachutka said the team’s strong drive to succeed pushed it far ahead of competition. 

“[Park] stuck in really well,” Wachutka said. “There was not a point where the team gave up on themselves, which is ultimately what led to the win against Armstrong.”

Wachutka continued to mention Players’ aggressiveness within the game, and how their ambition to win made them surpass Armstrong.

“We were a bit more aggressive than they were on the bases which led to some runs that we might not otherwise have had,” Wachutka said. “Defensively, we were solid. We weren’t making safer plays, but smarter plays.”

Sophomore Ella Nguyen reflects on the team’s tight-knit structure and collective bonds, in her opinion, bringing Park to the win.

“It was one of our best performances,” Nguyen said. “We all worked in a collective way as a team. And we were on [our] top defense and top hitting game and we were working together like a team.”

After a win over Edina in the previous game, junior Kamryn Halley said that it prepared the team for the fight against Armstrong.

“My favorite moment from the season was last game,” Halley said. “We played Edina and we went into extra innings, but we were in it to win it and won that game.”

After the victory, Nguyen said that, though the season started with Park losing many of the games, the team ended up being successful in sectionals later on.

“[Earlier in the season], when we’re ahead in the first four or five innings, we’d always end up giving up,” Nguyen said. “But in our last four section games, we stayed in the game the whole time, and we’ve all really wanted a win, and we felt like we deserved this win.”