Tournament generates team strength

Girls’ basketball exerts itself over break

Alec Pittman

Some students spend break sleeping in late and sipping hot chocolate while the girls’ basketball team rises early each morning for practice according to head coach Brian Massie.

Massie said the team practiced hard over break and played a tournament in Fergus Falls Dec. 29-30. The team lost both games and now has a record of 3-6.

“We will practice exclusively in the morning and maybe shoot around at night. We want to get them up early and to practice,” Massie said. “The tournament is a great bonding experience and we are getting some good, quality games in.”

According to junior captain Hannah Ellingson, the team must continue to grow.

“We aren’t where we want to be,” Ellingson said. “The team is young, strong and learning. Both losses and wins are meaningful.”

Massie said he wants the team to continue to compete, even as a younger team.

“We are 3-6 as of now, and sometimes the team gets down, but they just keep fighting,” Massie said. “If you ask me if I am happy about it, of course not. I want to be undefeated and I want to win games. At the same time, I understand where we are at.”

Ellingson said the team conveys an attitude of high expectations this year.

“We have been emphasizing how important it is to trust and believe in each other, to work hard, and have a winner’s mentality. We are still learning, though,” Ellingson said. “Excitement has been a lot better than years past and we are being more positive.”

According to Massie, having only sophomore, junior varsity and varsity teams rather than the usual four creates a stronger team atmosphere.

“I think we are a lot closer together. Having three teams, we can do so many things together,” Massie said. “I think we are bonding and smaller numbers helps us see each other more.”

According to Ellingson, the team enjoyed the tournament in Fergus Falls, but also was disappointed.

“The first game we should have won but didn’t so that was frustrating,” Ellingson said. “However, it was a good team bonding experience and a highlight for a lot of people. We had a great time being out of school and just getting to know each other.”

The next game will take place 7 p.m. Jan. 12 at the St. Louis Park high school against Benilde St. Margaret’s.