Girls’ basketball faces challenges on the court

New techniques benefit team


Harrison Barden

Senior Mara Henderson dribbles the ball at the game Feb. 5 against Bloomington Kennedy where Park won 74-66. Henderson recently reached the 1,000 point mark. The Orioles’ next game is 7 p.m. Feb. 12 against Robbinsdale Cooper.

Alec Pittman

Sports create challenges because of the dedication required, but they also help teach life skills, according to varsity girls’ basketball head coach Brian Massie.

Massie said the team encounters challenges such as homework and lack of time to prepare for games. He said the team continues to learn how to deal with challenges while also performing well in games.

“The challenge is to not allow those challenges affect how you play. My challenge is to help them block out the challenges,” he said. “Being OK with handling adversity — that is what you are trying to teach.”

Sophomore Grace Wolgemuth said the team atmosphere feels different than last year.

“There’s only one senior and four or five juniors, so it’s different,” she said. “There is an eighth grader on varsity so I feel we will be strong in the next few years if we keep working.”

Massie said the team began using different techniques to improve practices.

“I have been emphasizing more in practice and even adding consequences,” Massie said. “This is the first time, when you watch film of the games, that all the excuses you say to your coach don’t work.”

According to Massie, managing time in practice, which is used for game preparation, remains a difficulty.

“In the season it is difficult to manage your time. You have to prepare for games and you have two games a week,” Massie said.

Although fans help, Wolgemuth said the team doesn’t need big crowds at games to succeed.

“It would be awesome if more people showed up, but I think our bench is great,” Wolgemuth said.