Girls’ hockey loses to Edina in Section game

Team stays positive, reflects on season


Sophie Olmen

Sophomore Erin Brousseau moves the puck toward the opponent’s goal during its game against Edina Feb. 9. Hopkins/Park lost 0-4.

Sophie Olmen and Rachel Salzer

According to junior Anna Nicholls, the team put up a fight against Edina, the No. 2 team in the 6AA Section.

“The game went actually pretty well today. I think we really took it to them, and we didn’t just let them have the game. We lost but we didn’t set back; we went to them,” Nicholls said.

Coach Ryan St. Martin said as the game went on the team settled down, and he is satisfied with the result in the 0-4 loss to Edina.

“I think it started a little bit like we thought. We were a little nervous to start the game, but I think as things settled down we played really well, and I was really pleased with the result,” St. Martin said.

Hopkins/Park ended the season with a overall record of 5-19-1 and a Section record of 0-1.

According to junior Sarah McCallon, Hopkins/Park played together throughout the game with a strong start.

“I think that we came in really hot. We came in with our feet moving a lot. One thing we came into the game knowing was that we couldn’t be in the box because that’s one thing that causes our downfall,” McCallon said.

Nicholls said to prepare for Sections the team practiced certain plays and situations.

“We worked a lot on five on threes, five on twos and penalty and power plays which really helps the day before the game,” Nicholls said.

According to St. Martin, there was growth seen in the team throughout the season.

“Overall I don’t think our record indicated how much growth we had as a team, but we did a really nice job where kids would step up and fill some shoes of some other players,” St. Martin said. “I think we did a nice job kind of getting some experience under our belts.”

According to McCallon, throughout the season the team played for each other and the players’ selflessness helped it stay positive.

“I think that was really important — knowing that every single person on the team made an impact. When you went out on the ice you knew to play for each other and not just play for yourself,” McCallon said. “I think that’s one of the biggest things that influence our wins and when we lost it kept our attitudes up and kept us wanting to go to practice.”