Park falls to Bloomington

Gymnastics loses 124.8 — 127


Ryan Barnett

Freshman Ella Wasvick performs her beam routine Jan. 28 at Central Community Center. The gymnastics team lost their meet against Bloomington with a score of 124.8.

Talia Lissauer

Watching her teammates perform their floor routines and show off the skills they have been practicing is the best part of every meet, according to junior and captain Rachel Stein.

“I always think the biggest event is floor just because it’s really fun to watch everybody show what they can do and dance, but also keep up their stamina to be able to tumble at the same time, so floor was really fun to watch,” Stein said.

Sophomore Freya Wade said the team has struggled with injuries among the girls, preventing them from participating in meets. 

“I feel like we did really well. We’re progressing over time. A lot of people were injured and now they’ve competed for some time. Some of them for the first time this season,” Wade said.

According to coach Dawn Thielen, the team has been working on its confidence during practice.

“All the girls have goals and they’ve been working really hard at achieving their goals. The whole point was to just throw these skills out there because they’ve been working hard all season and it’s just a matter of them trusting that they have the skill and the ability to do it and being able to have the confidence to pull it off,” Thielen said.

According to Stein, the girls were able to preserve energy and be persistent throughout the whole meet.

“Overall, I felt like it went really well. We had good, high energy, and a lot of girls pulled out some new skills. It’s really fun to see everybody competing, and a good job of being persistent and getting back up,” Stein said.

Wade said the team has also been focusing on technique in practice.

“We have been working on sticking our routines, straining our legs, cheering each other on, things like that,” Wade said

The girls struggled on beam, according to Stein, but they were still able to motivate their teammates.

“Some of the falls on beam weren’t like we usually do and some of the girls who did fall had a difficult time getting back up. But overall, everybody (got back up) and they were able to cheer on each other even if they didn’t do the best that they wanted to,” Stein said.

Thielen said in the final days of the regular season they will work on putting the final pieces together.

“The next few days are skill days. We’ll start cleaning up the routines and putting the skills into the routines and we’ll just get ready for our last meet,” Thielen said

The next gymnastics meet will take place 6 p.m. Feb. 4 at St. Anthony Village High School.