Park boys’ swimming finishes regular season undefeated

Senior night win against Jefferson ends the regular season


Ava Ashby

Junior Jason Chu swims the 200 yard medley relay Jan 30. The meet against Jefferson concluded the boys’ swimming season.

Tobias Khabie

While finishing the regular season undefeated brings excitement to the boys’ swim team, senior Brandon Bohanon said he experienced some sadness as this marks the class of 2020’s final regular season meet.

“I feel sad that it’s all over now and I’m not gonna be able to swim with these guys anymore,” Bohanon said.

One of the major moments for the seniors during the meet was swimming in an all-senior relay for the 400-yard relay at the end of the meet, in which senior and captain Will Mathews got injured in the middle of the event but was able to finish.

“I couldn’t use my legs,” Mathews said. “But, sometimes, it’s just how it goes. We did it together because we’re the boys.”

According to senior and captain Zachary Weiser, the relay was the perfect way to finish their final regular-season meet.

“We really just wanted to show we could put it all out there for our last race in our own pool,” Weiser said. “We wanted to make sure that we are proud of the race.”

Another remarkable yet seemingly reoccurring achievement accomplished at the meet was junior Hayden Zheng setting two pool records, meaning he achieved the best time in a certain event out of anyone who ever swam in that pool. According to coach Amanda Forsberg, Zheng is aiming for the pool record in every event.  

“I think his goal is to try to take down the board so he is getting close, but he doesn’t get too many chances to swim every (event) in the pool,” Forsberg said. “Every time you get the chance it’s kind of fun to see him do it.”

According to sophomore Tenzin Gyaltso, new records for Zheng have been becoming normal for the team to see.

“It’s pretty cool seeing Hayden swim, and to see him break two pool records in one meet,” Gyaltso said. “It’s getting kind of normal because every meet he’s gonna break a new record or pool record.”

Now the team will start to focus on Sections, which begin Feb. 20. According to Bohanon, the team will sharpen all its skills to prepare for the competition. 

“I think we’re just gonna keep working and trying to improve on our dives, turns and just swimming in general,” Bohanon said. “Then, you know, kick butt at Sections.”