Boys’ basketball loses to Edina

Final score of 68-86


Henry Harper

Seniors Paris Johnson and Tyshawn Lyons sit on the sideline ready to check in to the game Jan. 14. Park lost to Edina 68-86 in the first game of their season.

Henry Harper

With COVID-19 restrictions, basketball wasn’t guaranteed a season this year. However, heading into the first game of the season, junior Cameron Delorme said the team was excited to get back on to the court.

“After such a long break from basketball, it just felt nice to play a real game. I feel like we need to be more conditioned and together going into the next one, but it’s a start,” Delorme said.

According to junior Evan Donesky, the team was still adjusting to playing in masks and wishes it had more time to prepare. During its practices, the team ran and scrimmaged with full intensity to get them in better shape.

“We’re in masks at all times while playing, it doesn’t matter what the event is we always train and play in them. From a normal basketball season, conditioning has to be more of a priority in order for us to win,” Donesky said.

Assistant Coach Rob Griffin said he thought the team’s lack of chemistry and conditioning was a big part in their loss. He said he believes the team has to put in more work in order to succeed because of the guidelines it must follow.

“We need to improve on our team chemistry and our ability to get in shape. Because of it being such an awkward season, these boys gotta work twice as hard for the results they want,” Griffin said.

Delorme said the team could’ve also worked on better communication and working as a collective as there wasn’t enough said on the court overall.

“It felt too quiet when we had the ball,” Delorme said. “We need to work on talking at all times for us to become more efficient.”

Donesky had similar thoughts as he said the team needs to work on listening and looking for open opportunities. Donesky said it was a mediocre first game, but to win consistently, they can’t miss any open chances in the future. 

“Converting was a big issue today; it felt like we couldn’t turn our possessions to points. We need to make sure we take every opportunity we can if we want to beat Minnehaha,” Donesky claimed.

Griffin said the team can improve in order to beat its next opponent, Minnehaha Academy.

“We got to show the guys what’s going on and what we need them to do. Against a team like Minnehaha, we can’t give up any turnovers or it will be on a highlight real,” Griffin said.

Park is set to play against Minnehaha Academy 7 p.m. Jan. 16 at Minnehaha Academy.