Season ends in a royal fall

Boys’ basketball eliminated by Hopkins


Abby Meisler

Senior Brady Walsh gets handed the ball during the sections semifinal at Hopkins March 8. Park lost the game 55-64.

As the last seconds ticked off the clock and the season came to a close, senior Evan Donesky said he reflected on his basketball career, having played with many of his teammates since middle school.

Donsky said “We played close all season, despite our record I’m proud of us. To think this is the end is sad, but I know all these guys are going to do well off the court just because of how I know them on the court.”

According to senior Deontez Ross, although the team lost, he’s still looking forward to the future.

I know all these guys are going to do well off the court just because of how I know them on the court.”

— Evan Donesky

“I’ve got a bright future and a lot of stuff to look forward to and I’m excited to see what the future holds for me, but this loss is definitely going to sit with me for a while,” Ross said.

According to assistant coach Rob Griffin, the team improved throughout the season as they followed game plans better.

“Early in the season we didn’t execute well. We lost games that we definitely should have won but down the stretch we really became a tough team,” Griffin said. 

Senior Evan Donesky claims of the togetherness the team had, knowing they can play better but still proud simply because of the team’s improvement.

“I’m obviously sad, but I’m not leaving with any regrets,” Donesky said. “We played hard and to our skill level.”

Ross believes that the goal for the season was improvement on a daily basis and focusing on being better than the day before.

“Our goal for the season was to get better, everyday we wake up for morning practice, every game, every shoot around, the goal was to get better than you were yesterday. The whole season we thought that if you get better every day then it all works itself out,” Ross said.

Griffin says that the team bonded well throughout the season, bringing tenacity to the team.

“There was a lot of togetherness, being able to play as a unit and being willing to fight for each other,” Griffin said.

Donesky said he felt the pressure coming into the game, but he said having his friends there cheering him on made the experience better.

“I love seeing my friends cheer me on, it makes us all play better. I’m glad that they all supported us this game and the whole season overall,” Donesky said.

Ross said the team we prepared going into the game and worked hard throughout the season in order to have good teamwork going into the game.

“We definitely came into this game with confidence, we got a great team (and) the record didn’t show it, but we play hard and work together, we knew the game would be close and we could potentially win but unfortunately we came up we came up short, I’m still proud of everyone and we played hard and thats all thats important to me,” Ross said.

According to assistant coach Rob Griffin, he built strong relationships with the senior class and is sorry to see them go.

“To know I won’t spend six days a week with these guys anymore is hard. They are a big part of my life,” said Griffin.