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Voices rise up through Black History Month performance

Senior Ky'Areia Malone raises her fist at the end of her spoken word presentation Feb. 28. The Black History Month presentation was performed during fourth and sixth hour.

Talia Lissauer and Maddie Schutte

February 28, 2020

Battling with her racial identity for most of her life, senior Zoe Younger said seeing the Black History Month performance her freshman year allowed her to connect with her racial “identity.” This year, Younger was able to channel her passion through planning the performance alongside senior Amaya ...

Students prepare for annual Black History Month show

Senior Amaya Fokuo explains the plan for the Black History Month performance. Students can watch the show during 4th and 6th hour Feb. 28.

Grace Schultz

February 27, 2020

Preparing for his first Black History Month performance, Sophomore Ezra Hudson said that African American students don’t have enough advocacy in our school and he is proud to be participating.  “It’s important that we have a Black History Month show, as black students we aren’t always repre...

#Wearetired show calls out systematic racism in society

Junior Neb Bekele recites an original spoken word that he wrote for the Black History Month presentation.

Grace Farley and Dani Orloff

March 19, 2019

After junior Zoe Younger read aloud a spoken word piece she wrote for the Black History Month performance, she said she believes that all American should be educated about the issues of racism.“I think (racism) a big part of American culture right now and just throughout all of our history,” Y...

We are tired of being black

Students listen to a speaker for the Black History Month presentation March 8. The presentation proved that very little change has been made in the treatment of people of color. Last year's presentation was based on black history not starting with slavery which is what most schools teach.

Samiya Mohamed

March 19, 2019

Celebrating black history is over, and now we’re at the point where we have given up. From acknowledging our history to trying to not let the past repeat itself, “We are tired.” This year's Black History Month performance theme was “We are tired.” Year after year black history is celebra...

Portraits by Drawing and Illustration class

Sophomore Abby Mcguire said she chose to draw Jean-Michel Basquiat because her grandmother would talk about how he changed people’s views of street art.
“I drew Jean-Michel Basquiat. I chose to draw him because he was around when my Grandma was around. I’ve heard her tell stories about him about how she recognized him as the person who brought street art to be seen as a real form of art, not just scribbling on the walls,” Mcguire said.

Nietzsche Deuel

April 17, 2018

Art teacher Martha Ortman said she decided to have her students draw portraits of of people who made contributions to the black community after meeting with her equity coach. “This year I met with my equity coach and asked him how I could infuse equitable teaching with a racially conscious lense and d...

Black History Month performance offers student-led perspective

Senior Eben Managbe recites a poem by Maya Angelou at the Black History Month show. Managbe raised her fist at the end of the performance as an act of solidarity.

Genesis Buckhalton

March 1, 2017

The lights in the Auditorium turn off and the curtain draws open to students with their fists raised in the air chanting “we will not be hidden,” emphasizing the show’s theme: Hidden History. Senior Suweyda Abdi, one of the student leaders of the show, said it was hard to pull the performance together...

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