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ACT club hosts voter registration drive

Senior and ACT club leader Ruby Stillman talks about the voting drive to students at the senior meeting. The voting drive was held Feb. 20.

Isra Mohamed

March 4, 2020

According to junior Achieving Change Together club leader Gabriel Kaplan, the purpose of the club is get students involved in social activism. “The purpose of the club is to work on social activism. There is only so much we can do legally but we try to do the best that we could,” Kaplan said. ...

Students get involved in primaries

Photo Illustration by Molly Schochet.

Sam Swisher

February 29, 2020

As junior Thor Anderson prepares to serve for a second year as a student election judge, he reflected on the insight he’s gained serving as an election judge in 2019. “I’ve just learned a lot more about some of the delays that are experienced and the problems that can happen in an election,...

City election provides opportunity

Senior Maddie Lind writes postcards to St. Louis Park residents informing them about the upcoming election. Lind is campaigning for Larry Kraft along with several other students.

Sofia Seewald

November 5, 2019

Seeing the upcoming election as an opportunity to advocate for social issues he is passionate about, junior Thor Anderson said he is helping Larry Kraft campaign for City Council At Large A Seat. “I first met (Kraft) working through Roots and Shoots. I got to know him more as I became more intereste...

The 2019 city election unraveled

The 2019 city election unraveled

Gabriel Kaplan, Tobias Khabie, Noah Orloff, and Maddie Schutte

November 4, 2019

Senior Isaac Wahl, who plans on voting in the upcoming election, said he believes it is essential for young people to vote in order to make their voices known. “It’s important for high schoolers to vote because we’re very conscious of what’s going on in the world today,” Wahl said. “We...

Meet the candidates for St. Louis Park School Board

Art by Maggie Klaers

Gabriel Kaplan, Noah Orloff, and Maddie Schutte

November 3, 2019

Jim Beneke Why did you decide to run? I am one of two incumbents running again. I ran for the first time four years ago (because) I had been active in a lot of school committees. You name the committee, I was probably on it. I was on the Community Education Advisory Council (CEAC), the Equity...

Trump rally sparks protest

A protester waves a “love trumps hate” flag and holds a sign that reads, “Psst! MN Nice doesn’t cover: racism” at the anti-Trump protest Oct. 10 in front of Target Center.

Ben Sanford and Tobias Khabie

October 12, 2019

A number of Park students joined masses of protesters outside of Target Center, where President Donald Trump was holding a rally. Senior Yoni Potter hoped to share his objections against Trump by attending the anti-Trump protest outside the venue. “I wanted to spread the message that I don’t...

Barriers broken in midterm election

Barriers broken in midterm election

Maddie Schutte

November 7, 2018

The Democratic takeover of the House of Representatives, along with several other Democratic victories across the country, gave platforms to minorities silenced by the 2016 presidential election. It wasn’t until 1870 that the 15th amendment was passed allowing African American men to vote, follo...

Freshman classes play suffrage bingo

Freshman students help each other fill out their bingo boards during an activity during their social studies class in C350 Nov. 6.

Dani Orloff

November 7, 2018

According to social studies teacher Jill Merkle, all freshman classes participated in suffrage bingo in C350 Nov. 6 to discuss the midterm elections that day. “It’s a bingo board where essentially they’re filling out voting rights activists from our history and trying to get a bingo with it,...

Polling stations prepare for election day

Several St. Louis Park students attended multiple training sessions to become student election judges. These students will help run polling stations on election day Nov. 6.

Maggie Klaers

November 5, 2018

Student election judge, junior Yoni Potter, said the student election judge program is an opportunity for Park students over the age of 16 to work at the city’s polling stations. “The election judge program is where people in St. Louis Park get to participate in the elections by overseeing wh...

Discriminatory statements written on political poster

Vandalism: Posters about the upcoming election NTA teacher Debra Skadden created with her class were recently vandalized. Students of social studies teacher Kara Cisco's class responded by creating posters to counter the discriminatory comments.

Abby Intveld and Dani Orloff

November 4, 2018

When freshman Matthew Montanez heard about the discriminatory graffiti, he said he felt driven to voice his opinion on the matter. “We tried to show that everyone is welcome here, no matter your race, religion, or anything else like that,” Montanez said. “Who ever did that, they shouldn’t ha...

Conservative win may have unintended consequences

Conservative win may have unintended consequences

Samantha Klepfer

November 2, 2018

All across the nation women cried as Christine Blasey Ford gave an emotional statement describing when Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her in college. Nine days later the Senate voted to confirm Kavanaugh with a two-vote margin in Kavanaugh’s favor, according to The New Yor...

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