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Unjustified murders need to be put to an end

A woman takes part in a protest May 26 on Chicago Avenue, holding a sign reading, “George Floyd was murdered.” Floyd died May 25 after being detained and choked by four Minneapolis police officers, sparking citywide protests.

Tobias Khabie

May 28, 2020

When I first heard about the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis Police May 25, I was saddened and ashamed to hear that this horrific event occurred in Minneapolis. However, I was always one of the people who would give the cop the benefit of the doubt in most cases.  Not knowing the details of the murder, I did...

Staff Editorial: SOAR meeting sparks important dialogue

Senior Victoria Caraball makes an announcement during the SOAR meeting Nov. 25. Students discusses what impact race has in their life.

December 5, 2019

The St. Louis Park community places significant value on diversity and student voices. This culminated in the meeting of Students Organized Against Racism (SOAR) Nov. 19. The Echo Editorial Board applauds SOAR for creating this opportunity for student voices to be heard. Conversations about race are very impo...

Racist incidents ignored in Chaska schools

Racist incidents ignored in Chaska schools

Lily Simonett

September 21, 2019

Six Chaska students and their families are suing the school district after the school officials ignored blatantly racist actions against their students.  This is a scary reality for many students and I think the lawsuit is a necessity.  According to Star Tribune  the nearly 50-page lawsuit “asks for a j...

Kate Smith controversy reveals double standard

Kate Smith controversy reveals double standard

Henry Brettingen

May 7, 2019

An 80-year-old recording resurfaced of beloved singer Kate Smith singing the racist song “That's Why The Darkies Were Born,” according to the New York Post. In an unwarranted reaction to this, the Philadelphia Flyers removed a Kate Smith statue from their stadium and the New York Yankees banned her 1939 recording...

#Wearetired show calls out systematic racism in society

Junior Neb Bekele recites an original spoken word that he wrote for the Black History Month presentation.

Grace Farley and Dani Orloff

March 19, 2019

After junior Zoe Younger read aloud a spoken word piece she wrote for the Black History Month performance, she said she believes that all American should be educated about the issues of racism.“I think (racism) a big part of American culture right now and just throughout all of our history,” Y...

Police fail to present hate crime as charge

Art by Lucy zumBrunnen

Tamar Gewirtz

December 19, 2018

Two Somali men said they were petrified to discover two skinned deer carcasses on the hoods of their cars in St. Cloud, Minnesota. This act, which took them by surprise, was clearly one of xenophobia. The perpetrators, according to MPR News, were 62-year-old Daniel Dorian Knowlen and his 14-year-old s...

SOAR kicks off year by attending community panel

Juniors Izzy Kanne and Zoe Younger participate in a community discussion led by the Community Education Advisory Council Oct. 11 at the Rec Center. As members of SOAR, they attended this event to discuss racial issues in St. Louis Park.

Sofia Seewald and Maggie Klaers

October 13, 2018

As a member of the Students Organized Against Racism club, junior Amaya Fokuo said she was impressed by the community discussion held at the Rec Center Oct. 11, as it brought awareness to important racial issues. “Last night we learned a lot about microaggressions, which was really interesting,” Fokuo said. “...

‘Dear White People’ to return for second season

‘Dear White People’ to return for second season

Lukas Levin

May 3, 2018

“Dear White People,” a show known for its outrageous humor and blunt truth about society will be coming back to Netflix May 4. The popular Netflix comedy centers on a group of students of color who attend Winchester University, a fictional Ivy League school with a predominantly white population. Much of the...

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