Swift measures needed against racism

MSHSL should take action


Mya Stanberry

As someone who plays a spring sport, before Park had decided to not play New Prague, there was a game in my sport that was scheduled against them, I was scared of the possible discrimination and remarks I would receive during competition. I was mad at New Prague in that they had disrespected more than one school including Park. I hope that the MSHSL won’t let these inexcusable acts continue without reprimandation. 

Park, along with other schools, have experienced racial discrimination throughout sports recently. Action is needed from the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) because no one should have to deal with racism. Although it can’t make much of a change, rules should be made to ensure good sportsmanship and fair play are being applied to players’ conduct.

The MSHSL can prevent more racial incidents from happening to others by suspending the school that caused the incident. It’s the schools’ job to care for their students. Sports are a big deal in many schools. They should make sure their athletes are respected and that the other team plays fairly and that everyone is able to have fun.

Furthermore, athletic departments can refuse to play another school for valid reasons, by suspending certain players, talking to their team and other students to get different opinions on what to do, since it’s about the students.

I feel that with some schools, they can’t see when certain people are being racist and if they do, they make excuses, don’t get punished for it and brush it off like it’s nothing. If it isn’t noticed, it’s not dealt with as fast as it should be. I’ve seen firsthand both of the external and internal racism that infects Park, so I know the dire effects that racism can have on anyone. I’ve always learned that no matter how competitive you are, having fun and building relationships with a team is the most important aspect of athletics.