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Roots and Shoots looks to improve Park’s recycling program

Juniors Zoe Frank and Keely Bernstein discuss the new Roots and Shoots video Feb. 24. The club wants to debut the video about recycling in the upcoming months.

Sadie Yarosh

February 27, 2020

At the Roots and Shoots meeting Feb. 24, the group discussed ways to create a video that informs students and staff about the recycling process and how to improve it, according to junior and member Thor Anderson. “The project we are working on with the administration (is) to help the recycling p...

Rec Center hosts entertainment swap

The St. Louis Park Rec Center is hosting an entertainment swap Jan. 22. The purpose is to encourage the community to recycle and reduce wasting old items.

Jayde Claussen

January 17, 2020

In an effort to promote reuse and waste prevention, the St. Louis Park Rec Center will host an event to exchange entertainment items to give them a new purpose, according to Emily Barker, a solid waste specialist. “It's not first nature for a lot of people (to reuse). It's still easier for people to...

Roots and Shoots presents school staff with new recycling initiative

Sophomores Claire Bargman, Zoe Frank and junior Amelia Ryan share about the new recycling program being implemented to the Park staff members. A goal for the climate action plan is to reduce solid waste by 50 percent by 2030.

Katie Hardie and Sadie Yarosh

November 18, 2018

According to Roots and Shoots leader Katie Christiansen, it is important the school is changing its recycling plan because it shows the dedication students at Park have concerning the environment. “It reflects what students care about, as we’ve seen in the students’ initiation (and passing...

Roots and Shoots plans to film recycling video

Park Facilities Manager Tom Bravo discusses plans for implementing a recycling program at the Roots & Shoots meeting on Dec. 12.

Elise Riley and Isaac Wert

December 23, 2017

Junior Roots and Shoots member Leila Raymond said although Park has the facilities to recycle, students and teachers at the high school often use all bins as trash, not sorting the waste into the proper bins. “Even though our school has recycling bins, students aren’t recycling properly, and t...

Roots and Shoots members form recycling-focused team

Recycling committee members, all juniors, Anika Hansen, Emma Kempf, Casey Kreie, and Leila Raymond pose for a Roots and Shoots photo at the meeting on  Nov. 7.

Elise Riley and Isaac Wert

November 20, 2017

Junior Roots and Shoots member Leila Raymond said she decided to join the club’s newly-created recycling team in order to promote sustainability in the Park community. “It was an initiative that a few of us (took on) because Roots and Shoots can impact the city and things (on a large scale), an...

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