Roots and Shoots plans to film recycling video

Short-film aims to educate students on proper recycling

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Caroline Green

Park Facilities Manager Tom Bravo discusses plans for implementing a recycling program at the Roots & Shoots meeting on Dec. 12.

Junior Roots and Shoots member Leila Raymond said although Park has the facilities to recycle, students and teachers at the high school often use all bins as trash, not sorting the waste into the proper bins.

“Even though our school has recycling bins, students aren’t recycling properly, and that’s why we’re making a video to showcase how it should be done,” Raymond said.

According to Raymond, the club has created a team of students focused on educating peers and teachers on how to recycle properly.

Junior Casey Kreie, one of the students on the recycling team, said the team is currently laying out plans for a short movie about recycling.

“We’re trying to film around the school in different locations we want recycling to happen in the school, so students can learn exactly what to recycle and where to recycle it,” Kreie said.

According to Kreie, the club wants the school to show the video to all students.

“We’re trying to show it during advisory,” Kreie said. “It’s the one place we can get all the students to see it and care about it without interrupting class.”

Club advisor Al Wachutka said recycling is an important aspect of sustainability.

We’re living on a finite planet. Why not utilize the opportunities we have to reuse things?” Wachutka said.

Wachutka said many people don’t feel motivated to recycle because of a lack of personal reward.

“It’s one of those things that’s a huge cost-saver on a large scale, but not so much for individuals,” Wachutka said.

Kreie encouraged students who care about the environment and sustainability to join Roots and Shoots.

“It’s really fun and gets everyone involved in the school and how it works, and it helps make the school better,” Kreie said.

According to Raymond, the next Roots and Shoots meeting takes place at 8 a.m., Jan. 9 in A315.