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‘American Vandal’ goes beyond immature humor

Fair use from Netflix

Abby Intveld

September 30, 2018

Leading up to the release of season two, I was nervous that “American Vandal” wouldn’t live up to the success of its first season. But within the first five minutes of the show, I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. “American Vandal” season two follows the student detectives Sam Ecklund (...

‘Dear White People’ to return for second season

‘Dear White People’ to return for second season

Lukas Levin

May 3, 2018

“Dear White People,” a show known for its outrageous humor and blunt truth about society will be coming back to Netflix May 4. The popular Netflix comedy centers on a group of students of color who attend Winchester University, a fictional Ivy League school with a predominantly white population. Much of the...

“Stranger Things” provides satisfying second season

“Stranger Things” provides satisfying second season

Malaika Bigirindavyi

November 10, 2017

After over a year of waiting, Stranger Things fans can settle into their couches to watch the second season on Netflix. * SPOILER ALERT * The immensely popular first season left viewers with a cliffhanger, wondering the whereabouts of one main character, Eleven, and about the safety of another character, Will, from the U...

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